Find Your Way Out of Mommy Burnout - Part 1

Mommy burnout.

It's so real these days.
Am I right?

Burnout is defined as long term stress that puts your whole body in a state of unbalance which causes you to feel emotionally and physically depleted and overwhelmed.

You feel stressed, exhausted, irritable and often forgetful. You might withdraw or isolate ourselves from loved ones.
You feel helpless and lack both energy and motivation.
You are angry but do not know why.

This blog will help guide you so you can discover and find your way out of mommy burnout and teach you how you can pull through and be a less overwhelmed mom, gain energy, sleep, have better moods and have more fun with your children.

Stay tuned for Mommy Burnout - Part 2 where you will receive more guidance in how to overcome the feelings of mommy burnout. I will also include a free recipe to help you feel more relaxed, calm and relieved from all these intense emotions. 
This recipe has brought me so much help, more peace, self forgiveness and release. 
You will want to use this recipe again and again!

Let's get to it.
1. Asses Your Stress

Stress, according to Wikipedia is the condition that results when person-environmental transactions lead the individual to perceive a discrepancy between the demands of a situation and the resources of a persons biological, psychological, or social systems. 

Stress can come from many things. It can be your wellness, lack of sleep, a messy house, a to do list that is not getting done, your hubby, kids fighting or even just getting out of the house. 

Over the next three days track your stress levels throughout the day. Chart your stress hourly and in point form to make note of what is causing you stress at different times of the day. This will help to better prepare you for the most stressful times. When you discover and understand your biggest stressors ahead of time it will help with the feelings of overwhelm.

I have attached this worksheet to help you pin point these high stress times during your day.

2. Perfectionism

Remember to always strive for progress not perfection.

No one was made to be perfect. We are not perfect and that is ok! 

Brene Brown says: 

“Perfectionism is a twenty-ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us when, in fact it is the thing that is really preventing us from taking flight.”

Let go of the idea of perfection and fly!

Having a good support system and ASKING for the HELP when things are getting difficult is a must.

If you need a support sytem, connection, community and are a mom to girls I would love to have you in my exclusive group on Facebook called Mother's with Daughter's Who Love Unconditionally. 
We talk about self care, positive thinking and motherhood. I share tips, encouragement and much more. Would love to see you there! 


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