On this page, you will discover some of my favorite products, services and stores that my family and I use daily to make our everyday life easier, funner, happier and healthier.

My family LOVES to read! I started reading to my daughters at a very young age. I think this increased their love of reading, learning and discovering new things. 

This Canadian chain based bookstore carries it all. Books, toys, stationary, home decor, clothing, health products, personal care, snacks, gifts and more.

Whether you are looking for the next top popular book, a new mug or art work for your home or the perfect gift for someone special you will find it at Indigo!

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Needing a new coffee maker or needing to stock up on coffee, Keurig is perfect for the busy on the go family that needs their coffee fix.

Four years ago, I switched to decaf coffee. I noticed after a huge shift in my wellness, less anxiety and generally felt better. I know, switching to decaf is not in the books for everyone it was the best decision for me.

With over 180 varieties of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate Keurig is our top brand to grab when we need it.

Nine years ago, I was told three words at a doctors appointment after some tests were done. Three little words that has changed how my whole family eats and lives.

"She has celiacs."

And in a blink of an eye I wiped out the pantry and started getting my middle daughter healthy again.

As a mom of a celiac we are always looking for the perfect, healthy (and tasty) snack and meal. We are an on the go, busy family so Kind bars are a match made in heaven for my celiac. 

Created with whole nuts, whole grains, fruits and spices they will be sure to please.

I never enjoyed working out prior to having kids. Going to the gym was awkward and honestly, I didn't know how to work half the equipment. I hoped from one work out program to the next program spending way to much money to either not even use it or not see any progress when I finally did use it.

Then I found M12 with Liz! This homebased workout and challenge workout program was made for me.

A 30 minute workout that speeds by, is fun and exactly what I need to keep me feeling fit and happy. 

Liz focuses, motivates and encourages her team to move their bodies while improving their lives by building a strong healthy and happy body both mentally and physical without dieting.

Growing up, I told my mom one day that I wanted to write a story. I pushed this dream down deep and buried it thinking "that will never happen" till just last year that dream resurfaced. 

When I started really looking into making this dream come true I went searching for something to help guide me through the obstacles and challenges of self publishing. 

I found Meggan Larson. 

With Meggan Larson's How to Self Publish Your Book from A-Z I quickly watched all the units and honestly forgot about it. Stepping out into the author world is intimidating and even though I wanted this I was a little terrified. I quickly got over it and started creating colouring and Activity books for children and journals for all ages.

This course helped me walk through all the challenges and Meggan helped me accomplish my dreams with her guidance, encouragement and answers to my many questions. She made each step easy and fun!

What will you be giving a try?

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