Have you ever experienced an embarrassing moment when you forgot a word or were unable to recall an answer? We’ve all experienced these moments, but for those with brain lesions the effects are much worse. After my first MRI in May of 2022 I was informed I had three lesions on my brain and one on my spine. These embarrassing moments are an everyday occurance. Something that I don't talk about cause it really makes me feel less then and like a failure. However, I feel like the more I talk about it the answers to my health issues might come. 

Im not a doctor but have learned a few things so...let’s take a closer look at what brain lesions mean and how they can affect cognition.

Not pictures of my brain. Image found on Google.

Brain lesions are areas of tissue damage or scarring in the brain that are caused by trauma, infection, stroke, multiple sclerosis and more. While not all brain lesions cause serious problems, some can cause long-term health issues such as seizures (for me they show up as myoclonic jerks). These lesions cause difficulty moving certain parts of the body, vision problems, cognitive delays, memory loss, weakness, numbness, shaking/tremor, headaches, stiffness, mood changes, balance and spatial awareness.

Cognitive delays occur when the brain is unable to process information quickly enough or accurately enough to respond in a timely manner. These delays can range from mild to severe depending on the size and location of the lesion and how it affects the brain’s ability to process information. People diagnosed with cognitive delays may experience difficulty in completing tasks that require problem solving skills or recall of facts and information. They may also struggle with concentration, focus, and organization. This can lead to embarrassment in social situations as well as difficulty with daily tasks such as cooking dinner or completing simple chores around the house.

It's not easy seeing this cognitive  change in yourself. Brain lesions have a profound impact on emotions. I myself often experience instant memory loss, difficulty concentrating and processing information quickly.  I have periods of sadness and struggle over the old me that I have lost...work and little things can be challenging but I fight through these difficulties everyday. I am hoping that by understanding this condition more deeply we can come together and provide better support systems for those who are struggling with it daily. You are not alone in this if you too battle with these cognition delays from brain lesions...maybe you aren't aware you have brain lesions but feel these challenges daily too. Know that I understand.

Cognitive delay from brain lesions is often debilitating and embarrassing. Awareness about this topic helps create understanding among us all while providing needed support for those who live with this diagnosis every day. It's time we start talking about cognition delays from brain lesions because it affects more people than we realize - especially mothers who struggle everyday!


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