Find Your Way Out of Mommy Burnout  Part 2
Hi my friend, how's it going? I know things can be a bit are not alone. Mommy burnout happens to all of us. The best part is we can get out of it! I hope you took the opportunity to assess your stress. Personally, knowing my most high stress times during the day helped me when I was in the middle of mommy burnout myself. Grab your copy of my Assess your Stress Chart Worksheets below here. This is the first step in Finding Your Way Out of Mommy Burnout!

You are done with feeling with feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and not yourself. I hope you find this part 2 helpful...I know you will be back to your normal self in no time!

3. Clean or Declutter

Ok, ok, here me out on this one. I know your tired and this is the last thing you want to be doing but when we declutter our surroundings, we are also decluttering our mind. 

Cleaning has been found to have a positive effect on your mental health by helping you gain a sense of control over our environment. Being engrossed into a task can help calm the mind, improve moods and give you a sense of contentment and success when we accomplish something.

4. Move Your Body, Eat Healthy and Get a Restful Sleep

This is a bit like cleaning. I get it. I had absolutely no energy. I could not get from my front door to my van thirty steps away without feeling exhausted. Moving your body will help improve your overall wellness. It helps in reducing feeling of anxiety, depression, negativity, stress, moods and improve self esteem. Start with baby steps and you will start feeling more energized.

Eating healthy can be beneficial in so many ways. When we eat food without to much sugar, salt, dairy and gluten your emotional and mental wellness will feel it too. Eating a nourishing and balanced diet will help in preventing oxidative stress, improve moods, fatigue, behaviours, depression and more.

It is known that stress impacts your sleep and can bring many other health issues when you do not get the rest your body is needing. Lack of sleep can affect memory, judgement, moods, and much more. It is recommended we as adults get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Although sleep may not come as easy as you might wish setting a routine just like you do with your children and following through with it works for adults too.   

5. Take Care of Yourself

“Self care is not selfish” say this to yourself. It is NOT selfish to take care of yourself!

Self care, journaling, meditating, affirmations, moving your body WILL bring positivity into your life. Time away, being able to shut off, connecting to nature or art, being in solitude and still and having alone time is beneficial in helping us gain energy, let go of your struggles so you can renew and refocus on what really matters. 

Taking care of yourself allows you to be your best you so you can continue to give back to your children. You can not give from an empty cup. I promise the time spent on you is worth for your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness as it will increase your positivity, confidence, and self esteem.

6. Finding the Solution

I am so grateful I found a product that can help me naturally, boost my energy, immunity, and support both my many emotions including mommy burnout.

All of the above steps helped me but when I started incorporating essential oils to help boost my emotional wellness I was able to feel more like me. I wanted to be around my friends and loved ones. I was less angry, anxious and was able to think more clearly. I had more energy during the day and acually slept at night and woke up feeling refreshed  and recharged I felt more hopeful and really started to love my life again and be ready for anything that came my way during the day.

Mommy Soaking Salts to Melt Away Burnout

1 cup Epsom Salts

1 teaspoon coconut oil

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Release

2 drops Forgiveness essential oil

Add rose petals or dried lavender flakes and sprinkle into a warm bath.

*It is important to know that not all essential oils are created equally. I have found a source I trust and use everyday. You can trust it too! If you want to know more let's get in touch! 

Before you go, I want you to know that even though you are struggling, you are not failing. You got this!


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