Webster defines distraction as something that distracts a person from an object that directs one's attention away from something else or the act of being distracted.

When we hear the word distraction we automatically think of it as a bad thing. When we are distracted we become unfocused, we loose interest in something that is important and don't get the things we need to get done. That's not great.


Let's look at distraction as a GOOD thing. When we become distracted the brain is known to pause. Read that again! The brain is known to PAUSE!

That is a good thing.

Right now watching and listening to the news, being told what we should do and not do is not easy to take in. Watching numbers rise, riots and decisions at the moment can really wear down on our bodies, cause stress, anxiety, negativity and grumpy moods. We may act out and be unkind to those around us because of differences in thoughts.

Moments of being distracted is good and healthy for us. Pausing is a good thing. Doing the things we enjoy is a good thing. It can help bring more focus, reduce stress, help with moods, encourage, motivate and increase our productivity!

Distractions can make us better.
Distractions can help our moods.
Distractions can help ease pain. Distractions can help with fears.
Distractions can help reduce stress.
Distractions can help decrease anxiety.
Distractions can help in times of grief.
Distractions can help improve our performance.
Distractions can help remove us from a situation we can not control.
Distractions can bring joy.

My favorite ways to distract myself include:

Listening to music
Treating myself to a favorite snack in moderation
Moving my body - walking, dancing, excersize
Tv and movies
Playing games, cards, apps
Cuddling my daughters and cat
Writing or journaling
Art - drawing, colouring or being creative
Saying affirmations, thinking positive thoughts, meditating, prayer and visualizing
Getting outside
Playing games
Resting and soaking up the quietness

I always come back to life after using these distractions. It helps me regroup, feel more calm and relaxed, happier, motivated and encouraged!

Think of distraction like self care. Take care of yourself so you can continue to give back to the ones you love. A little bit of distraction allows us to take that pause, that break we need so we can come back stronger and take on the world!

Let me know in the comments...
Do you use distraction in a good way?
What are your favorite ways to distract yourself when you need to get-away from all that is going around you?


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