An empath is a person who absorbs other peoples emotions and experiences them as if the emotions are their own. 

Are you an empath? 

Let's do a little quiz...Give yourself a point for each of these apply to you:

Cry when others cry 
Feed off of others energy 
Worry about what others think 
Feel everything deeply 
Friends and strangers come to you for advice 
Children and animals are drawn to you 
You have many highs and lows 
You pick up on vibes 
You are a natural healer 
You feel drained from social situations 
You treat pets like humans 
Highly sensitive 
Emotions have made you physically sick 
You put others needs over your own 
You love over the top 
Human lie detector 
You prefer deep meaningful conversation over small talk 
Overthinking everything 
The news is painful to watch 
You absorb emotions 
Your a great listener 
Commercials make you cry 
You feel drawn to others 
You can feel things before they happen 
The weather affects your mood 
Your intuition is usually accurate 

If you gave yourself 5 or more points YOU are very much an empath!

I love using essential oils to support my emotions. As an empath even more. Essential oils help ground us, calm, balance, energize, increase moods and help with negativity.

A few oils that are perfect for empathy include Vetiver,  Neroli, Lavender, Basil, German Chamomile, Jasmine, Patchouli, Marjoram, Valor, Stress Away and White Angelica. 

Try this Balancing Spray and spritz yourself and the space around you!

8 drops Lavender 
8 drops Valor 
8 drops Vetiver 
8 drops Stress Away 
8 drops Patchouli 

Add oils into glass spray bottle. 1 onz of witch hazel and fill remaining of the bottle with water. If desired, add crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, obsidian, sodalite, smoky quartz,  hematite, black tourmaline and Flourite to help balance and protect your space. 

As you apply or spray oils repeat with an affirmation... I am strong. I am loving. I am positive. I have the power to clear the negative energy from my body. I embrace my physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Allow me to see beauty of my life and those around me today. Today will because great day!


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